Ranch Blend Composted Manure


At Big Tank Ranch we hot compost all of our animal manure.  This is a time consuming process, but we feel it is good for the environment, turning waste that would be put into the landfill into a usable, organic soil amender and garden fertilizer. 

Our ranch blend includes manure from:

  • Horses
  • Goats
  • Chickens
  • Turkeys (in season)
  • and one adorable donkey

We actively monitor the compost weekly to achieve temperatures sufficient to kill harmful pathogens and seeds.  The compost is turned and watered weekly and is months old before it is ready to sell.  We sell by the bag (reused 50 lb. feed bag) or by the truckload.

This picture shows from right to left what we start with and our finished product.  We usually have a wait list of customers wanting our composted manure.  Use our contact page to get on our "Shit List"! 


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