Alison & Tank are a registered pet therapy team through Pet Partners and are available for  pet facilitated therapy for care centers, veterans programs, schools and other organizations in the Phoenix-Metro area. 

Tank is a full sized horse, weighing approximately 1100 lbs.  He is gentle, well behaved and qualified to visit complex environments.  Tank does not visit indoors, as he is not potty trained.  Facilities requesting a visit from Tank should have ample parking for a truck and horse trailer and an outside area, such as a court yard, play ground or even a place in the parking lot, to conduct a visit.  A prerequisite for a visit from Tank is a visit from Alison.  Alison will make sure that the facility has ample space and amenities to safely conduct a visit and speak with staff about their expectations and goals prior to bringing Tank.  It is requested that facilities interested in a visit from Tank go to the Pet Partners website to read about their policies and procedures, liability insurance, and to access their facilities environment rating and enroll their facility through Pet Partners.

Animal Assisted Activities or Animal Assisted Therapy are both available depending on the organization's and participant's needs and goals.  Animal Assisted Activities are lead by Alison and can be a spontaneous or planned interactions between Alison, Tank and the participants.  Small groups will receive information on safety, horse facts and be able to interact hands on with Tank by petting, grooming and giving big horse hugs.  Animal Assisted Therapy is lead by a therapist with a specific goal for a single participant.  Visits from Tank can be requested by physical therapists, occupational therapists, couselors, psychologists, etc. 

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