Boss:  Alison McKee

Job Description:  Keeping everyone in line, animals and humans included.

Favorite Critter:  Depends on who is behaving or misbehaving.

Year five on the little ranch and Alison still wonders what she was thinking.  The menagerie of animals has grown even more this year.  Four additional stalls, a hay barn and tack room were completed and 5 horses are boarded on the ranch.  When more boarders than space presented themselves, 5 additional horses were boarded on the neighbors property.   Alison now cares for 13 horses, 6 goats, 6 turkeys, 3 dogs, 2 barn cats and too many chickens.  The side business of composting and selling the manure is thriving.  While is does not bring in much money, it has brought in many new gardening friends who are happy to share fruit and veggies.  Through Pet Partners, Alison & Tank make monthly visits to Child Crisis Arizona, visiting the children.  Robert is usually in tow, as he does not want to miss out on seeing the kids they have both grown to love.  She will also be working with a new group home focusing on keeping families in foster care together, Love of Children.  The group home will be making visits to the little ranch to learn more about horses and the other animals that live here.   In addition to all of the critters, Alison still cares for her nephew, Henry, one day a week.  Henry knows the names of all of the goats and horses and has his own mini manure fork and wheel barrow.  Her health is excellent and she celebrated her 18th anniversary of her kidney transplant on November 11, 2016.  She finally got her doctor to say that mom's kidney would last her a lifetime.  However, she could not get him to commit to how long she would live!  Only the good die young, so you can expect to hear more crazy ranch stories for years to come. 


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