Ranch Hand II:  Tyler McKee

Job Description:  Ranch dog poop duty and head coop cleaner.  Assists the foreman with building projects and gets in a lot of trouble for sassing the boss.

Favorite Critter:  Ewa, Bean & Duke (he couldn't pick just one)

Tyler is a Junior in college!  He is studying at ASU and plans to be a science teacher.  He's enjoying school but finds a lot of the work redundant.  We need to put a tape on that boy because he's grown a little bit and might have eeked up to 6'5".  Tyler works at Chipotle on the line, and in the back.  He really enjoys working there.  He DID NOT milk his goats as promised last year, the boss did it every day twice a day.  Here is is shown just laying around on his Ass. 

Ranch Hand II