Ranch Hand:  Kelsey McKee

Job Description:  Petting the critters when she is home and keeping Tank's tail trimmed so he doesn't step on it.

Favorite Critter:  Tank

It's hard to believe our little girl is 23!!!  Kelseygraduated Grand Canyon University in 2016, as a  dual major in piano performance and music education.  She successfully obtained a job in the Deer Valley School District, teaching, even before graduation.  Kelsey also plays piano for two churches, First Presbyterian of Sun City and Emmanuel Baptist Church.  She's also been picking up a few gigs with the Upper East Side Big Band.  She is so busy at work that she is quite useless as a ranch hand, but BTR continues to keep her on for aesthetic reasons.

Kelsey is single and looking for love!  Applicants should be tall, 6'+,and a car and job are a MUST! 


Ranch Hand I