Alison FINALLY had a great year breeding and hatching turkey poults.  She sold many of the poults and kept a few.  With the newly bred poults and our breeding stock, we had 11 turkeys on the little ranch.  Yes, had, as in past tense.  This Thanksgiving we butchered 11 turkeys!  We are now a turkey free facility.  Alison does plan to purchase new breeding stock in the new year and raise more turkeys for the annual Thanksgiving Feast. 

We've lost count of how many laying hens we have here at the ranch, probably in the 30's.  Unfortunately, disease struck our flock this year resulting in quite a few deaths.  A sick hen was culled and taken to Midwestern University for a necropsy.  Due to the mishandling of the tissue samples, they could not verify which avian disease affected our flock.   Some viruses result in the birds becoming carriers their entire lives and although they appear healthy, they can pass it on to any new birds brought in.  Since we do not know what disease affected the flock and if the birds are lifelong carriers, a tough decision has been made to cull the entire flock and start fresh in the new year.  This is one of those, shit happens things.  We will do what needs to be done for the health of future layers. 

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