After kidding 2 years in a row, our Hyacinth got a much deserved year off. 

She is bred to a nubian buck and we expect kids in early April of 2018. 

Yes, we have a dog and a goat named Daisy!  Daisy goat was given to us by friends who no longer wanted her due to her horns.  This goat is a riot.  She's super friendly and sweet towards people, but can be a bit grouchy with other goats, especially during meal times!  Daisy is bred and should kid in Aprils of 2018.


Ewa finally kidded in April of 2016.  Unfortunately, it was a single birth and the kid was too big for her to deliver.  Her beautiful buckling was stillborn and we worked hard to keep Ewa alive.  We're happy to say that she made it through and gave us delicious milk for 1 1 /2 years.  She has been promoted to "pet" goat and is enjoying a life of leisure.

I decided that I wanted to increase my goat herd.  2016's kidding season gave us 5 bucklings and no doelings.  :(  So Miss Jane was purchased on the rainiest day, from the budding metropolis of Paulden, Arizona.  Jane is bred and should kid in April 2018. 


Bo Peep is our very best goat!  She has the nicest disposition, is the easiest to milk and produces the most milk.  We bred 4 goats to her son this year.  She's getting a year off from breeding and milking this year.

Betty was purchased with her half sister and cousin (that's all good in the goat world) from Paulden, AZ.  She's named after the song, Black Betty.  She is our shyest goat due to being chased by a human kid before I bought her.  She is coming around nicely though.  I am really excited to have a black goat in the herd and can't wait to see her kids in April of 2018.


Gigi short for Giselle, is a drama queen.  Never, ever name an animal a French name.  This goat is a little loopy, looses her mind over silly things and is very amusing.  She was a nightmare in the milking stand, but finally settled and is a good girl now but if there is going to be a foot in a bucket or spilled milk, it's probably got Gigi's name on it.  Gigi also has a year off and will be bred for 2019 kids.

Hmmm, I had all the goats I said I wanted so why on earth did I buy another?  I was having a bad day and she was for sale on the cheap.  I mean, how can your day not improve when you bring a bebe goat home in the back seat of your truck?  Baby  Ethel is spoiled rotten.  Oh, and she's named after Ethel Merman, because she's got a nice, strong voice!  In other words, she's obnoxious.