Squid is a miniature donkey that was brought in to Triple R Horse Rescue in collaboration with Peaceful Donkey Rescue in Texas.  He was a part of a HUGE rescue that involved over 200 mini donkeys.   There was a lot of media attention on the arrival of the donkeys and a lottery to be considered for adopting.  We were elated to get the call about choosing one of the 15 donkeys brought to Phoenix.  But, how do you choose 1 when they are all wild and unhandled?  Well, Squid (known then as Brown-20) stopped and looked at Alison twice while the wild herd ran around like a bunch of banshees.  This donkey is VERY SPECIAL and will be a registered therapy pet as soon as Squid and Alison complete the evaluation process.  He has already made several unofficial therapy visits as part of his training process.  He is hands down, every ranch visitors favorite.  Squid is a young little dude, about 4 years old.  Alison and Robert tease that he will have to be willed to someone, as he will probably outlive them. 

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