Duke, oh Duke!  What to say about our former street dog this year.  I say, "You can take the dog off the street, but you can't take the street out of the dog!"  Duke definitely misses Darra and since she's been gone has stooped to new levels of naughtiness.  He has taught himself to open the door and let himself in the house as he pleases.  If he would just learn to close the door behind him, we probably wouldn't mind as much.  And, if he didn't counter surf, steal dirty kleenex, q-tips and dental floss from the bathroom trash .  .  .  he's just not to be trusted in the house unsupervised.  About a week after Darra left us, he took to the streets again, climbing the fence and roaming the neighborhood.  We had to install an electronic pet fence (I call it the inhumane contain) to keep him home.   We figure he's going to be a GREAT dog in about another 5 years.  We love him to pieces and we've never had a dog that was as happy as Duke.  He's like one of those people that are happy 24-7 and annoy the crap out of you! 



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